Slopes Didn't Record Anything

Recording Issues on Android - 2021/2022

After reporting issues with the terrible GPS data we're seeing on Android this season, on February 7, 2022 we received confirmation from Google that there is a regression in their GPS Fuse library that Slopes uses for GPS, particularly when the user is outdoors. 

This is what they said:

With respect to accuracy, we're aware of a regression when the user is outdoors and we have a fix rolling out to users at the beginning of March.

As it stands, all we can do for now is wait for the fix to come out before we can expect to see improvement. In the meantime, running through the device-specific GPS Tips may possibly improve things a bit, although we couldn't make any promises with the state of these GPS issues we're seeing. You may also be able to use the timeline editor to fix things up, this help article explains how: Missing Runs

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