Getting Started With Apple Watch

Getting Set Up

To start using Slopes on your Apple Watch, make sure that you have the Slopes iOS app installed on your iPhone. Apps on your iPhone that have a companion Apple Watch app are usually automatically installed and appear on the Watch's home screen, but if you don't see Slopes on your Watch, you can do so in the Watch app on your phone (check out these troubleshooting steps if you need more help).

Once you're out on the mountain and ready to start recording, all you need to do is tap the resort you're at after launching Slopes and start recording. 

A Few Tips

  • As an Apple Watch user you probably want to keep tabs on your fitness stats, so make sure that you grant Slopes access to read / write the data requested during set up so it can contribute to your rings. 
  • We recommend keeping your iPhone with you when recording with your Apple Watch to improve battery life and GPS accuracy. Read more about how that works here.
  • Enabling Water Lock is a good idea to stop gear or snow hitting your screen and stopping or pausing the recording by accident.

Recording Your Day

While recording, you'll be able to see your highlights so far including vertical, time and runs vs lifts so far, top speed, and distance. To switch through these screens rotate the digital crown up or down.

To pause/resume/end the recording, or to turn on Water Lock, swipe to the right from the stats screen to access the recording controls.

To see your current location, swipe to the left from the stats screen. You'll see a share button to text your location to a contact. Useful if you get in a bind or get lost and need to let them know where you are.

Lastly, swiping to the left again from the location screen (two lefts from the stats) will bring up the music control screen, meaning you don't have to leave the app to start and stop music!

Viewing Your Recording

When you record via your Apple Watch, just like Apple's workout app, you won't see anything on your iPhone until you save your day. The recordings should transfer over to your iPhone pretty quickly after you hit save, but a small delay is nothing to worry about (the iPhone/Watch can slow down transfers if it notices they are not on WIFI, or if they want to save battery after a long day of usage). If you've been waiting awhile and the recording still hasn't transferred over, check out these troubleshooting tips.

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