Recording won't transfer from my Apple Watch to my iPhone

When you're done recording, Slopes on Apple Watch will send your recording over to your iPhone where it is saved in the Logbook.

It should usually happen pretty quickly after you end recording, but occasionally there can be a short delay. This is because the iPhone and/or Apple Watch can slow down transfers if your devices aren't on WiFi at the time, or if they want to save battery after a long day of usage. In such cases, it will wait for what it considers a better time, and you'll see an indicator in Slopes on Apple Watch while it is waiting on the transfer.

If the transfer is taking a while, tap on Saving to Phone to force a retry. If both devices are connected to WiFi and aren't at less than 10% battery it should happen within a minute.

If that doesn't work the first time, try restarting both your Apple Watch and your iPhone, and then run through the above again.

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