What do I do if a friend isn't showing up?

Can't see each other? Here's a few things to check:

  • The most common issue is that the people not showing up have connection issues. Slopes' location sharing requires an internet connection to work, and that isn't a guaranteed thing at all ski resorts.
    • Recording on iPhone: To check the location sharing screen on iOS, tap the ^ on the recording screen to see options, then tap Location Sharing. You'll see an error message there if the phone can't get online.
    • Recording on Apple Watch: The Nearby screen (swipe left once) will show a red "Connection Issue" button.
  • Has everyone friended each other? You can check who's on your friends list on the Friends tab in the app.
  • Did everyone start recording by picking the same resort? "Unlisted Resort" does not support location sharing, and you can only see people who are recording at the same resort as you. Keep in mind that resort-tagging also needs an internet connection, so if you can't tag the resort, then you don't have connection to the internet.
  • Does everyone have Find Me turned on? 
    • Recording on iPhone: Tap the ^ on the recording screen, then tap on Location Sharing and make sure it's on. If it says "Off", tap on it then tap on With Friends Nearby -> Share My Location.
    • Recording on Apple Watch: Swipe right to get to the controls and Find Me will be lit up yellow if it is on, otherwise you can toggle it on.

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