Getting Started with Slopes (Android)

Hey there! Thanks for trying out Slopes, and welcome to your new favorite app!


When you first download Slopes, after running through the intro you'll be prompted to create an account and to allow Slopes access to your location.

Getting Set Up

After creating an account can set a profile photo (or say you'll do it later) and you're good to go!

While this should enable by default when you create an account, if you would like your activities to be backed up to our server and compare your stats with friends, it's worth checking that Slopes Cloud Backup is enabled. You can check this on the  Account tab under Integrations > Online Integrations > Slopes Cloud Backup > Enable.


Recording your days is simple. When you're ready to record your first day, tap on the Record tab and select which resort you're at. Slopes will also remember the resorts you visit and auto-select them in the future.

Slopes needs a good GPS fix to record, so make sure that you don't see a red 'Weak GPS' message at the top before you start. If you're having trouble with your GPS connection, check out our GPS Tips for some troubleshooting. Once you're good, all you need to do is hit Go! and lock your phone. If you need to take a break during the day but don't want to mess up your stats, jump back on to the recording screen and hit Pause.

While recording you can view your live stats in real-time as you go, as well as location, and if you're a Premium user, a list of your runs with detailed analytics. Just swipe to the right on the recording screen.

When you're done for the day hit Pause, then End. Fill in any details you want such as photos and notes with memories of the day and hit save. Pretty simple, yeah? To view your recordings later, head over to the Logbook. The details and stats from your day will appear here, and this is where you can make any edits you need to, and see how you compare against any friends you rode with.

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