Missing Runs

Slopes is really good at detecting lifts & runs, but sometimes it might mess things up:

  • If the run wasn't tall / long enough
  • If you rode downhill on a lift
  • There was an issue with the GPS signal for a longer period of time

To add in a missing run, you can use the timeline editor, here's how:

  • Open the recording from the Logbook and tap on Edit
  • Scroll down and tap on Timeline Editor under Tools

You can then tap on any of the red (run) and black (lift) boxes to edit or remove the ones Slopes automatically found, or if Slopes missed a lift or run you can hit the blue + button to insert one there.

This view will also show you if there was a GPS issue. You'll notice a break in the altitude line above all the blocks if there was no, or poor, GPS data coming in at that time. A lot of times that'll naturally happen if you're standing still for a while, but if it happened during a run check out the GPS Tips.

You can still add a lift or a run in these gaps of GPS data, but you won't be able to get any stats as there's no GPS data to calculate performance based on.

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