Why am I seeing inaccurate data in Strava?

Over the years we've had a number of users get in to touch to say that the data they see in Strava doesn't match what they see in Slopes.

  • When it comes to speed, Slopes sends over a lot of data to Strava, including average speed and max speed. It is on them to use the data we send over, and for speeds they aren't. For speed specifically they are currently only displaying those if they come from Strava's own calculations based on GPS data. This is causing things like average speed to look incorrect (they simply recalculate it as distance / time), and for no max speed to register.
  • You may also find that the total distance you see in Strava can be significantly more than what you see in Slopes. This is because Slopes filters out time spent on lifts and only counts time spent on runs in your total distance for the day - you will see this when you view your recording in Slopes. So the data that we send over to Strava does indicate what are runs and what are lifts, but Strava will often combine them. 

We have raised these issues with our Strava partnership contact but to date (as of the 2023/2024 season) we haven't been able to resolve them. We continue to remind them that it is causing frustration for our mutual users, and if you haven't yet already, we'd appreciate you sending them a message with your feedback too.

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