Troubleshooting Activity Ring Credit

There are two steps to Slopes giving you ring credit -- Slopes adding the information to HealthKit, and then the Activity app using that data for your rings. If you're having trouble seeing ring credit, or if the numbers aren't lining up, here is how to troubleshoot those two steps:

Slopes Saving to HealthKit

Verify that Slopes was able to save data into HealthKit to begin with. This should happen automatically when you end your day.

  1. Launch the Health app on your iPhone
    1. iOS 12: In the Health Data tab go to Activity -> Workouts
    2. iOS 13: Go to the Browse tab and search for Workouts
  2. Tap Show all data at the bottom
  3. You should see a workout with a Slopes icon for the day in question. Tap that row.
  4. Scrolling down, verify the following:
    1. Under workout samples you see active calories
    2. Under workout events you see segments for each run you took

If you don't see all the data, odds are Slopes did not have permission to save workout data to HealthKit. You can enable this by:

  • iOS 12: going (still in the Health app) to the Sources tab, tapping Slopes, and making sure all the toggles are on.
  • iOS 13: Launching iOS's settings app, going down to Health, Data Access & Devices, tap Slopes, and making sure all the toggles are on.

If you see the data, but the calorie credits are 0, then your Watch was unable to give Slopes calorie estimates while you were out on the hill. This is usually due to the Watch not being able to get accurate heart rate readings, due to a lack of skin contact or a loose fit.

Count Slopes for Ring Credit

There are a ton of apps that can count toward ring credit on your phone (even the raw data from your iPhone and Watch themselves), and Apple does a lot of work to make sure that if multiple things are running at the same time they even things out instead of giving you double credit.

When they do this, they do it in order of priority, which you can tweak. This is the most common cause of your Activity app saying "you burned 240 calories" when Slopes says "you burned 500 calories" -- Slopes has been assigned a lower priority so Apple is ignoring its data.

To tweak this and give Slopes priority: 

  1. Launch the Health app on your iPhone
    1. iOS 12: In the Health Data tab, head over to the category of data you care about (say, Active Calories, for example)
    2. iOS 13: Go to Browse tab and search for the category of data
  2. Under the graph you'll see an option for Data Sources & Access, tap that
  3. Tap the Edit button in the top right
  4. Drag Slopes up in the list, then hit Done

Apple usually doesn't give retroactive ring credit for past days, but if you recorded today, you should see your ring credit change within a minute or so at most.

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