Calories seem inaccurate (Apple Watch)

If you're recording with an Apple Watch, we rely on Apple's estimates for calories. They combine the heart rate sensor and motion events, plus knowledge about you from Apple Health (like your age and weight) to determine how much you've burnt. They've put a ton of research into those estimates, so we're trusting them!

If the calories seem lower than expected

Make sure that your Apple Watch band is tight and you have direct skin contact so it can pick up on your heart rate.

If the calories seem higher than expected

You might actually be burning more calories than you think! A day on the groomers might not burn a ton of calories, but add some fresh snow to the mix plus carrying your gear around and your legs could be working a lot harder than you might realize.

This support article from Apple also has useful info about what can affect heart rate recording on the Watch, and this one explains how to calibrate your Apple Watch for improved Workout and Activity accuracy.

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