Inaccurate Stats or Missing Data

Slopes's timeline editor is your go-to tool for correcting lift and run detections. Slopes is really good at detecting lifts & runs, but sometimes it might mess things up:

  • If the run wasn't tall / long enough
  • If you rode downhill on a lift
  • There was an issue with the GPS signal for a longer period of time

Hit the edit button when looking at your day, and then the timeline editor down under tools. This is what you'll see:

The easiest thing to fix are any mis-categorized or missing lifts & runs. You can tap on any of the red (run) and black (lift) boxes to edit or remove the ones Slopes automatically found, or if Slopes missed a lift or run you can hit the blue + button to insert one there.

This view will also show you if there was a GPS issue. You'll notice a break in the altitude line above all the blocks if there was no, or poor, GPS data coming in at that time. A lot of times that'll naturally happen if you're standing still for a while, but if it happened during a run check out the GPS Tips below.

You can still add a lift or a run in these gaps of GPS data, but you won't be able to get any stats as there's no GPS data to calculate performance based on.