Lift & heart rate data missing from a Garmin recording

If you're recording with a Garmin device you'll notice when you check out your day in the Logbook that the lifts will be missing, and that you may have a bit more "Resting" time than you expected.

This is because when you record with Slopes using a Garmin device you'll only see data for runs. 

As you'll also see in the Garmin Connect dashboard, Garmin only sends us the GPS and heart rate data collected during runs, while the user is "active". This means that we can't detect lifts because we don't have GPS data for them, and we'll be missing the heart rate data for while you were riding lifts, or doing anything else other skiing or snowboarding. 

This will result in more "Resting" time, even if your heart rate is still up when you come off a run or walk between lifts.

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