All-Day Battery Life Tips

If you find that your battery consumption while recording is high, these tips may help.
  • Doing anything on the internet when you have mediocre reception hurts battery life surprisingly more than GPS. You don't have to avoid the internet, but keep in mind streaming music or constantly checking Facebook on lifts is going to hurt battery life.
  • Keep your phone warm(-ish) as a cold phone gets worse battery life.
  • Lock your phone after you start recording. Slopes will go into the background and save power by not having to constantly update the info on-screen.
  • Reduce your screen brightness and turn off keyboard sounds and vibrations. 
  • Turn off cellular data.

Although it saves battery, don't use airplane mode, as it will degrade GPS accuracy. Also, be careful with battery optimization settings, as these can cause Slopes to stop recording. You can read more about that here.

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