Does Slopes have family sharing?

Yep! It's called the Family Plan.

The Family Plan is an annual subscription that gives you and 5 others access to Slopes Premium. It works the same way as the individual annual plan does, it's just a lot cheaper for a family of 6! Every member of your family keeps their own individual Slopes account, you'll just need to invite them to link their account to your household after you purchase it.

Here's how to purchase the Family Plan:

  • Tap on the Account tab in Slopes
  • Tap on About Slopes Premium
  • Tap on View Family Plan -> Start Now

ℹ️ If you're already on an individual annual plan you can upgrade to the Family Plan. When you upgrade, Apple will issue you a pro-rated refund of the unused time on the annual plan to your account. This can take a few business days to show up.

Managing Your Household

Once you buy the Family Plan you can invite and manage people in your household. To add new users to your household:

  • Tap on the Account tab in Slopes
  • Tap on Manage Family
  • Tap on Invite
  • The iOS share sheet will pop up for you to send the invite link

You can also remove people no longer in your household from this screen. Doing so will immediately end their benefits of being on your Family Plan (however like the other passes, any activities recorded while they had access to your Household Pass will remain unlocked forever).

Upgrading from an Annual Pass

If you purchased a Slopes Annual Pass in-app, you can upgrade directly to the Household Pass without waiting for your Annual Pass to expire! When you purchase the Household Pass, Apple will issue you a pro-rated refund of the unused time on your Annual Pass to your iTunes account. This will take a few business days to show on your iTunes account.

If you wish to downgrade to an Annual Pass after purchasing a Household Pass, Apple does not offer the pro-rating option. Instead of taking effect immediately like an upgrade does, when your Household Pass comes up for renewal you will instead be opted down into the Annual Pass.

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