How do I enable the integration with Garmin?

You can connect Slopes to your Garmin Connect account, allowing us to automatically import your ski and snowboard activities recorded with your Garmin watch.

Once imported, activities tracked with Garmin will work with all the features that make Slopes great. Review your performance, see your day and your friends on interactive replay maps, compare stats and runs, and more.

Here's how to connect Garmin to Slopes:

  • Go to the Account tab
  • Tap on Integrations under the Settings section
  • Tap on Import from Garmin → Connect 
  • You'll then be taken to a web page to sign into your Garmin account

Once set up, not only will future recordings automatically sync to Slopes, but after completing the one-time authorization in your Slopes account, we've made sure the last 5 years of your Garmin snow history will be imported (ignoring any duplicates of data already in Slopes).

Note that if you don't already have one, you will need to set up a Slopes account for the integration to work.

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