Slopes didn't record anything

If you get to the end of your day and find that Slopes didn't record anything, there are a couple of things that you should check.

Location Permissions

Slopes needs at minimum, "While Using the App" location permissions to be able to use GPS to record your activities. We also recommend turning on "Precise Location" for better accuracy.

Here's how to make sure that Slopes has location permissions:

  • Go to the Account tab
  • Tap on Open System Permissions
  • Set your preference for Slopes for Location

Your chosen settings will apply to both the Slopes iOS app and the Apple Watch app.

Keep in mind that if you choose "Ask Next Time" that Slopes will ask you to allow it location permissions each time you start a recording, either on your iPhone, or on your Apple Watch if you record with one.

GPS Connection

Slopes needs (good) GPS signal to record your day. If we don't receive any GPS data, or if the quality of the data received is bad, then Slopes cannot record the runs and lifts you did, nor can we calculate speed, distance, vertical etc.

If you record with an iPhone, on the Record tab you will see a GPS strength indicator in the top left hand corner of the screen, before and during recording. If you record with an Apple Watch, you'll see a GPS strength indicator in the top right hand corner of the screen when you open Slopes on your Watch.

If your device's GPS connection is looking weak, give our GPS Tips a run through.

If you're recording on Apple Watch and find that Slopes randomly stops recording, check that you aren't running another app that uses Workouts at the same time. Only one app at a time is allowed access to Workouts on the Apple Watch, so if you start recording with Slopes then another app later, Slopes's workout will be ended to be able to start a workout for the other app.

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