Can Slopes Import My Data from Other Apps/Devices?

Yes, along with being able to use Slopes to record, you can import data from other devices and apps. Slopes supports the common GPX file-format, and some app-specific formats too. 

Here's how to import:

  • Download the GPX file and save it on your device.
  • Open the Logbook and tap + to import.
  • Select the GPX file that you would like to import - you can also long press to select and import multiple files at the same time.

  • Exporting from Ski Tracks

    Files exported from Ski Tracks in the .skiz format can be imported to Slopes.

    Exporting from Snoww

    Snoww lets you export to GPX, which Slopes can import.

    Exporting from SnoCru

    Sadly SnoCru does not provide a way to export your recorded data.

    Exporting from Trace / Alpine Replay

    Trace can export GPX via their web interface. Head to, log in, and then you can pick which days to export.

    GPX Import Requirements

    GPX files are commonly exported from other stand-alone GPS devices (such as a Garmin). Note that the file needs the following data to be included: latitude, longitude, altitude, and time. Data accuracy is improved if the file also contains vdop and hdop (vertical and horizontal accuracy) data.

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