Does Slopes Offer Family Sharing?

Yep! It is called the "Household Pass."

The Household Pass is an annual subscription that gives you and 5 others access to Slopes Premium. It works the same way as the annual pass does; it's just a lot cheaper for a family of 6! Every member of your household keeps their own unique Slopes account, you'll just need to invite them to link their account to your household after you purchase it.

You can purchase the Household Pass by tapping the "See Family Plan" button on the pass purchase screen.

Managing Your Household

Once you buy the pass you should head to the My Account (under the More tab, or tap your profile picture wherever you see it) screen to invite and manage people in your household. From that screen you will see the ability to invite up to 4 other users. To add new users to your household simply:

  1. Tap the invite option and then send them that link. 
  2. They'll need to open the link on their phone where Slopes is installed. 
  3. They will be prompted to confirm their desire to join your household, and then they're all good to go!

You can also remove people no longer in your household from this screen. Doing so will immediately end their benefits of being on your Household Pass (however like the other passes, any activities recorded while they had access to your Household Pass will remain unlocked forever).

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