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What is the difference between the annual plan and the passes?

We'd all love to ski 20+ days a year and have a season pass at our favorite resorts, but not everyone can do that. So just like ski resorts, Slopes offers a lot of flexibility in its pricing depending on how often you go. 

The annual pass is the easiest option and will save you a ton if you go more than a few days a year, letting you record as many times as you want without worrying about reloading or activating passes.

But if you're going to go less often, say one big ski trip every winter or two weekends every winter, you can grab passes. With the passes you pick what days you want to use them for, and anything you record on those unlocked days get Slopes Premium. Just like a daily lift ticket at a resort.

Is the annual pass only valid for the current season?

Nope. The annual pass lasts a full year not just the season. So if you buy mid-season it is valid until mid-season next winter, giving you Slopes Premium for a chunk of next season too.

Can I buy passes before I need them?

Yep! Unlike a ski resort where you have to assign which day you want to use a ski pass when you buy it, Slopes passes sit on your account and never expire while they are unused. Even across seasons. 

When you're finally at the mountain and ready to go, you can activate a pass by taking these steps:

  • Go to the Account tab
  • Tap on Remaining Passes
  • Tap on Activate Pass
  • Pick the date that you want to activate the pass for (from here you can also activate a pass for a recording in the past if you want to)
  • Tap on Use Day Pass

If I use a pass do recordings stay unlocked after it is over? Or if my plan expires?

As long as you recorded with an active paid pass or subscription, those recordings get Slopes Premium forever. Oh, and as a bonus while you have an active subscription any activities you didn't have an active pass for in the past get unlocked for free.

Note that this doesn't apply to recordings that were recorded while on the free trial if you don't upgrade to a paid subscription when the free trial ends. In that case, once the free trial ends, those recordings will lose Slopes Premium.

If I buy the family plan here, will it work on other platforms? What about giving a friend who uses an iPhone one of my day passes?

Yep! Everything you buy here works cross-platform.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you purchased your subscription via Google Play, you will need to follow these steps to cancel your subscription:

  • Open the Google Play app 
  • At the top right, tap the profile icon
  • Tap Payments & Subscriptions, then Subscriptions
  • Select the subscription you want to cancel (Slopes)
  • Tap Cancel Subscription
  • Follow the prompts

If you didn't purchase your subscription via Google Play, please send us a help request from within the app by tapping here.

How do I get a refund?

If it’s been less than 48 hours since you made your purchase, you can request a refund from Google Play. Check out this article from Google for more information and to request your refund.

If you didn't purchase your pass via Google Play, please send us a help request from within the app by tapping here.

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