Can Slopes remind me to record?

It sure can! Smart Reminders are unique to Slopes, an extra safety net helping make sure you never forget to start / stop Slopes when you need to. They are available on both iOS and watchOS (requires watchOS 8+).

How They Work

Smart Reminders change intelligently based on what you're doing:

  • At a resort, not recording: Slopes will alert you to ask if you want to record when you get within 100 yards / meters of a lift. If there are more than a dozen lifts at a resort, Slopes will set up these alerts based on the dozen most popular lifts.
  • At a resort, recording: Slopes will alert you when it thinks you drove away from the resort (2+ miles) or if it is getting later in the day and you haven't stopped recording yet (10pm).
  • At a resort, paused: Slopes will alert you to resume recording if you get near a lift again, or to end your day if you've been paused for more than an hour and a half, or if it thinks you drove away.

Slopes does this without running in the background / extra using battery. iOS and watchOS allow apps to give a list of around a dozen locations and pre-create notifications to show if they get near them, or leave the region. But since Slopes isn't running in the background when you're not recording, Slopes does need a chance to run and set up those "at a resort, not recording" reminders when you first get to a resort. So there's one other set of reminders:

  • Not at a resort: Slopes will alert you when you get close to a resort (2 - 3 miles) asking you to launch it briefly to let it set up the lift-based start recording reminders. These "welcome reminders" can be enabled for up to 12 resorts.

Once you record at a resort for the first time, welcome reminders get enabled for that resort for the next time you come back. But that does mean if you're going to a new resort Slopes won't have welcome reminders enabled because sadly it can't monitor for if you to visit any of the 3,500+ resorts world-wide, only 12.

Slopes will automatically manage which resorts get reminders, but if you want you can also go in and add resorts yourself before even visiting. Great if you have a few you call home and you just wanna set things up ahead of time.

How To Get Started

  • Tap on the Account tab
  • Tap on Notifications -> Smart Reminders
  • Toggle Enable Automatically on

To  add a resort yourself just hit the + sign in the top right of the Smart Reminders screen, search then select, and to delete a resort from your list, swipe to the left across the resort you want to delete and tap "Remove".

If you have an Apple Watch it'll ask you if you want to enable the reminders there instead. If you record with your Watch, that's where you should save the reminders. (You can edit / add / remove reminders on the Watch by swiping left on the Start Recording screen).

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Reminders are device-specific, so they'll appear on either your Watch or your phone, depending on where you record.
  • Sadly iOS / watchOS do not copy these pre-made location-based notifications when you move to a new device, so you'll have to launch Slopes at least once on your new phone/watch to have all the welcome reminders re-enabled.
  • Background refresh must be enabled for Slopes. When you get to a resort these reminders all get set up for 3 days (recording at the resort resets the 3-day timer). After 3 days of no new recordings, Slopes assumes you left and gets launched in the background to clean up and re-enable the welcome reminders.

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