Get the Most out of Recording Reminders

The old reminder system has been replace with Smart Reminders. Please see the related article.

There are two kinds of reminders you can set within Slopes: time-based and location-based reminders.

Know when you're going out skiing soon? With time-based reminders you can choose when and for how many days you want to get the alerts.

Not so sure exactly when you'll get to the parking lot? Go for the powerful location-based alerts. Keep in mind a few tips:

  • Picking where: entire resorts, places you gear up at, lodges you buy tickets at, or condos you stay at overnight are the ideal places to set reminders around.
  • Go Small: customize a specific location (parking lot, the lodge or the lift you start at) and make a small radius (say, 0.2 miles). This way the alert comes close to the actual time you'll want to start.
  • Customize enter vs leave: You can also set alerts for when you leave a location, so you don’t forget to stop your recording. Otherwise you might end up with a driving speed at the top of your stats.

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