Get the Most out of Recording Reminders

Recording reminders are a great tool to help you remember to start Slopes. While the date-based reminders are probably pretty self explanatory, the location-based ones are very powerful and can be customized based on your situation. 

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of these reminders.

Go Small

While Slopes makes it easy to set up a reminder to trigger when you get near the resort itself (say within 2 miles), it is usually worth setting up a reminder that is more specific. Consider tapping the map to customize your trigger location and making a much smaller radius (say, 0.2 miles). A great example of this would be to make a reminder over the parking lot you always use, or the lodge or lift you always start at.

Smaller radii will help make sure the reminder goes off much closer to the actual time you'll want to start recording (vs when you're still driving to the resort). As a bonus any time you go to that parking lot or lodge you'll trigger that reminder, which is great for helping you remember to stop Slopes, too,

Enter vs Leave

Reminders can be configured to trigger when you get near something (say the resort / parking lot / etc), or when you leave somewhere. Leave-based reminders can be a powerful tool for when you're staying at that resort for a few days during a trip.

Consider creating a reminder to go off when you leave your ski-in-ski-out condo or the hotel.

Location-based Delays

iOS is very aggressive in making sure these location-based reminders won't kill your battery, keeping the GPS off as much time as possible. Part of that tradeoff is that it may take a minute to have any location-based reminder trigger. Keep that in mind when you're setting up your reminders - you might not want to create a very tiny one around a location you'll only be in for 30 seconds.

Entire resorts, places you gear up at, lodges you buy tickets at, or condos you stay at overnight are the ideal places to set reminders around.

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