Sharing your location with friends

As of version 2021.17 (released late Dec 2021) Slopes supports private location sharing while you're on the mountain. To turn it on, simply toggle the "Find Me" switch before you start recording. Turning on location sharing also lets you see where your friends are, no matter if they're recording on Android, iPhone, or Apple Watch.

Location sharing in Slopes is built with privacy in mind. When you share your location only people A) you've friended in Slopes, B) that are recording at the same resort, and C) on that same day can see your location. Your friends back home won't be able to creep on your activities throughout the day.

There are a few times you might want to let someone not at the resort follow along, so the iOS and watchOS apps both allow you to generate a temporary link to your activity that can be viewed online. That link is only valid for as long as you keep recording, so once you hit end they won't be able to see you anymore. To create this link, on iOS go to the "Location Sharing" option while recording, and on watchOS go to the bottom of the nearby screen and you'll see the share option.

Check out How to use location sharing for steps on how to get started.

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