Strava Segments and Heart Rate Data

Unfortunately not at this time. Slopes does not upload raw GPS data to Strava, which is required for segments and heart rate data. 

When working with them on the integration, Strava was unable to provide a way for calculations like speed and distance to match up between the two apps if I uploaded the raw GPS data. They wanted to re-run all the calculations on their end and ignore what Slopes had already done. We thought this was going to lead to a lot of confusion for users (Strava might say 43.5mph top speed and Slopes might say 45.2, for example).

Given that, we both agreed it would be better to minimize confusion and have Slopes send over its calculated stats instead of the raw GPS. 

I realize this is a disappointment for some. I'm hoping to improve the integration over time, if we can work around issues like this.

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